Make your India tour more interesting by adding our unique experiences & activities. Here is the list of Unique things to do in India :-

Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding –  Experience the vibrant and colorful culture of India by attending a traditional Indian wedding. Witness the rituals, dance performances, and indulge in the delicious mouthwatering cuisine. It’s a joyous celebration that will leave you with unforgettable memories of India’s rich cultural heritage.

Take a Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh – Rishikesh also known as the Yoga Capital of the World, offers serene surroundings for a rejuvenating yoga retreat. Practice yoga and meditation, learn ancient techniques, and experience the spiritual side of India.

Take a Culinary Tour in India – Discover the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine on our exclusive culinary tour. Learn to cook authentic traditional Indian dishes in a cooking class.

Camel Safari in Thar Desert of Rajasthan – Explore the majestic Thar Desert in Rajasthan on camel safari. Experience the unique desert landscape, enjoy cultural performances under the starry sky, and spend a night in a desert camp.

Attend a Bollywood Dance Class – Get a taste of the glitz and glamour of Bollywood by attending a dance class in Delhi. Learn iconic dance moves from professional choreographers and experience the energy of Bollywood firsthand.

Join textile tour in India – Join our textile tour to explore the rich heritage and craftsmanship of India’s textile industry. Visit weaving centers, block printing workshops, and traditional textile villages. Witness skilled artisans creating intricate designs and patterns, and even have the opportunity to try your hand at these traditional techniques.

Rajasthan Bike tour – Hop on a bike and ride through the majestic palaces, colourful markets, and rural villages of Rajasthan. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals, try traditional Rajasthani cuisine, and marvel at the stunning architecture of forts and palaces.

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