Exclusive Tours

Calling All Foodies

There’s a famous saying that we eat first with our eyes. That may be true day to day but on our culinary journey through India, we will awaken all your senses. From special local cuisines to familiar favourites, your taste buds will never get bored. Learn about the vast array and uses of different spices while we teach you how to cook your favourite dishes from the places you visit.

Pride of India

Enjoy our fully customised tour designed to meet your needs and comforts. From luxurious accommodation to leisurely day trips and everything in between.

Material Matters

Learn about the exquisite age-old tie and dye art of Rajasthan. Here you will watch and participate in quilting and block printing whilst enjoying a leisurely trip with some great monuments to visit.

Adventure on 2 Wheels

There is nothing quite like seeing rural Rajasthan than by motorcycle. By night, stay in some of the most beautiful castles along the way. By day, get off the beaten track on your very own motorcycle. 

The Art of Yoga

Practice this ancient meditation in none other than the country it was designed. The focus of this trip will be health, fitness and relaxation. There will also be leisurely trips to some great monuments to enjoy.

Cow Cuddling Tour

Bandwagon Travel is excited to introduce Cow Cuddling Tours in India, we are offering an opportunity to experience this wellness therapy in none other than the country it was originated. Cow cuddling, which has gained popularity in western countries, is now available right here in India.